The P.I.N.K. Diet method is broken up into three phases

Recently I had an opportunity to try the P.I.N.K. Diet method which stands for power, nutrition, intensity and cardio with a K. All’s that it really is a simple to follow low calorie diet plan with some high intensity exercise thrown in for good measure. There’s nothing about the Pink diet that makes it superior to other weight loss programs. Like most programs, it is  short-term diet that consists of starving your body and exercising a lot to create a caloric deficit which causes you to lose weight according to
The P.I.N.K. Diet method is broken up into three phases
The first phase lasts for two weeks and entails a 1,000 calorie a day meal plan to shock your body and boost your metabolism. 1,000 calories a day is by no means a pleasant experience and it can leave people feeling tired and hungry. Learn about the Pink method diet here:
During phase 2 you begin your exercise program which is included on a DVD and you will be eating lots of vegetables and proteins. 
The final phase, which is called the 7 Day-Shred phase requires you to cut almost all your carbs in favor if vegetables and fruits to burn off those last few pounds. Many people consider this to be the hardest part of the P.I.N.K Diet. 
Eventually you will finish with a maintenance diet phase where you will try and maintain living and eat off 1500 calories a day which is still not a lot. 
These are my axioms:a) low carbb) eat similar to how we used to eat…protein rich and fatty foods.c) keep calories into the big deficits.
In general though, I am 50/50 on the whole calories being equal.
On the one hand, I know that simple sugars and high glycemic carbs spike insulin levels fast – and there is a correlation between our society consuming more carbs and the rise in obesity, diabetes etc. And some affect our hormones etc as discussed here:
On the other hand…There are always instances of just pure caloric deficits that lead to loss in weight. Italy has comparable fat levels to some Asian countries and here is there diet mostly:
a) Breakfast: sugary rich pastry (mind you there is less sugar in their stuff than here – and it’s healthier in general) plus coffee with sugar in itb) Lunch: Some sandwich with bread or pasta and veggies with fizzy pop sometimesc) Dinner: bigger – meats, veggies …some wine or a beer occasionally. During the day : occasional treatAt least this is what I had at my relatives house every day when i was there – they are all RAIL thin.
Just like finances and cash flow …calories should be net OUT if we want to lose weight and net IN if we want to gain weight.
I can say for sure the P.I.N.K. Diet method is not the best program for getting cut and keeping the fat of. It is just another yo-yo diet that fails to deliver long-term results. A better diet would be to eat healthy and exercise.