Important Tips on Small Claims

A Brampton small claims court is a branch of the Superior Court of Justice that deals with the action of the recovery or a personal property or money with a limit of $25,000. The aim of Small Claims Court in Brampton ON is to provide a platform to quickly resolve small claim, preventing the litigants to go over legal procedures and without having to hire the service of lawyers. Claims usually filed in Small Claims Court include the following.


Claims in dud checks
Claims to refund money used to pay a mortgage, security deposit, or back rent.
Clams to refund money made to pay defective merchandise
Claims to faulty workmanship
Claims for contract dispute for labor
Claims on property damaged due to negligence or accident


It is important to know that you’re suing the third party involved in a Small Claims Court to save time. Here are the tips to represent yourself in Brampton Small Claims Court and claim the amount you are entitled to.

Choose Case to File that is Suitable for Small Claims Court

Keep in mind that small claims court are about resolving money disputes. You may be rewarded with claims between $5,000 and $35,000 in small claims case. It is extremely important that you identify and serve the third party in question, which may be hard when they are outside Brampton.

Prepare for the Result of Your Case from the Beginning

It doesn’t mean that you can immediately collect the money on the judgment if you win the case. What if the other does not have money? Prepare yourself for the process of working through the monetary collections if the other party is not willing to pay the judgment in a single payment.

  Fill Out Small Claims Court Paperwork Neatly and Correctly

Choose the right location of the court to file your case. See to it that you use the correct name of the other party and for your party, and follow the timeline and the rules for serving the other party. In paying the fees, the cost of the filing the case may different from the severity of the case and the location of the small claims court. You can consult the staff/clerk of the Special Civil Part regarding the fees.

Present Yourself in the Court

In presenting yourself in the court, see to it that you bring your evidence. Stay organized and avoid drama as possible. You need to stay on the facts and be specific as small claims cases are heard in less than ten minutes. You may consider visiting hearing in small claims prior to your court date to give you idea how it works.
If you’re in Brampton ON, it may ideal to hire Ucentric Paralegal service for your small claims case. It is crucial that you have a solid and strong base established right from the beginning. Ucentric Paralegal professional can conduct the necessary preparations and planning to allow you to receive the monetary claims that you deserve.