Aromatherapy and Depression

Aromatherapy is a highly effective and natural way to treat common ailments. The therapy eases common muscle aches, soreness, tension and many more annoying or even painful conditions. A simple, homemade aromatherapy massage oil and a good rub down alleviates stressful symptoms. They key is to make the massage oil correctly. Here is a blog on aromatherapy tips:

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Room Diffusion:

Use a diffuser to diffuse uplifting and energizing oils into the air. AromaWeb offers a comprehensive article entitled All About Diffusers that explain the differences in diffusers and diffusion methods. At work, on aircraft or in situations where you need to be careful of the others around you, you can place a drop or two of your chosen essential oil or essential oil blend onto a cotton ball or tissue and keep that close to you.

Air Freshener/Room Spray:

Alternatively, you can create an uplifting, energizing or calming air freshener that is safer and much more natural than most of the commercial air fresheners available. AromaWeb offers an air freshener recipe that you can customize.

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Self massage is a wonderful way to quickly and regularly obtain the benefits of massage. Gently massage your feet, legs, arms and hands with a soothing massage oil made with essential oils and nutritive carrier oils. It not only feels great, but it helps to relieve stress, improve circulation and the oils help to nourish your skin. Choose essential oils that match the emotional outlook that you are seeking. Choose energizing and uplifting oils for early morning massages or calming/relaxing oils for nighttime massages. Like bathing, massage is stimulating to your circulation and should generally be avoided immediately before bedtime.

Skin and Hair Care Products:

Consider making your own skin and hair care products that that both nourish your skin/hair. You can include uplifting or calming essential oils that may also help reduce the emotional symptoms of depression or sadness. AromaWeb’s Recipe Box area provides recipes that will start you on your way. Additionally, AromaWeb’s Book Shelf area provides an array of books that provide detailed instructions and information on making your own products from scratch.

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If you prefer not to make your own skin and hair care products from scratch, you can buy unscented lotions, shower gels, shampoos, conditioners and other pre-made products that make it easy to simply add your choice of essential oils. Several of AromaWeb’s advertisers offer unscented bases that you can use. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of your chosen essential oil or oil blend to already scented products. Just be careful that the aromas do not clash.

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